Interview from November 4th 2005

She's very proud of the two new songs. All songs are very important to her and the next album (2007!!!) won't be different in relation to the music - she found her style (a home for her voice) and she's still doing that style that's what she is very proud about. But of course with other stories and statements! (smile)
In the first two albums she looked for the artist in her and tried to find herself.
The conntectedness to her fans touched her feelings. She cannot believe that she waited so long to go on tour and now she cannot wait anymore to go on tour again.
She talked about her dates in Europe and that she will be together with her family on Thanksgiving. (She hasn't done that for 5 years because she was busy).
There'll be some oddments in December, but we'll notice that when the time has come.
Anastacia wants to busy herself with her fashion. About the parfume she said that she found a formula but she doesn't know when it will come out. There'll also be a bodylotion, a showerfel and a candle, because it's important to have a candle which smells good.
A new album shall come out in year 2007 and the next tour perhaps 2008. This will be a long tour because she has to conquer new areas like Russia and Australia. But she'll also come to Europe next year, end of THIS year and in the beginning of the next year!! - It's not like "Out of sight, out of mind", she won't forget us.

Anastacia wants to say something to her fans too :

She treasures the relation to us and she hopes that we will like the album "Pieces Of A Dream" because it touched her while she has done it. Ana cannot wait anymore to see some of our "pretty" faces on the promotion tour.

Thanks to Martina for the short Version and to Yanna for the translation!