On Stage with Anastacia

Second part of the story.

We were standing in the front row as suddenly the camera team appeared in front of us and asked for someone who can sing. I pointed to Sabrina right away and said: "She’s the best". So she started to sing "One day in your life". Very nervous and with a little blackout, but she did a good job. She was wide-eye and I helped her out with a few words.

Well, Sabrina made it, and now one of the crew members wanted me to sing too! I refused at first and told him that I couldn’t sing that day because of my cold. But he didn’t care. So I had to sing too. After that he said : "There are the two girls!" I didn’t get it at all – not before he came again to tell us that we made it and we were allowed to sing with her. And then he asked if we would need the text or anything else.
We couldn’t believe what he was saying – at noon we have been to her hotel and NOW we were allowed to sing with her on stage.
I hugged Sabrina and we began to cry. It was like Easter, Christmas, New Year and the birthday at ONE day.
It is impossible to describe the feeling – it was amazing!

We got the text for our own safety cause we couldn’t even remember our names in a situation like that! Two bottles of water to oil our vocal chords and I tried revitalize my voice with Neo-angin, what didn’t work at all.
They told us that Tarzan would come for us during "Heavy on my heart" to bring us backstage. We should get explained the rest of all there.
They crew backstage was very nice, we got name tags and Sabrina couldn’t even close the safety pin. I had to help her then and one of the crew members said : "Wow, you’re cool!"

Sabrina stayed at the one site of the stage and I was taken to the other one. Both of the dancers who brought us to our placed were so nice and took off a bit of our nerviness. Ana’s bodyguard, who already knew me from the hotel, talked to me for a little while then.

After that the way to the stairs, it’s getting more and more seriously, you can hear the way Anastacia pronounces that two of her fans are going to come up to the stage, and the show starts. It’s quite good that you cannot see how many people are standing in front of you because of the stage lightening. And when she’d welcomed you it’s actually all forgotten, in my opinion.

Fooling around must not be missed when Anastacia is going to rock a stage and that was, like always, definitely seen! At first Sabrina was going to introduce herself, a left, a right to welcome and then she saw her T-Shirt and said: "What a nice shirt! It´s my Austrian fanclub! And I have the same shirt" because in the afternoon she got our Fanclub-Shirt when we met her in the hotel. Anastacia: "And where are you from exactly", Sabrina: "I´m from Upper Austria", after that a little bit fooling around of course.

But then it was my turn: "Hi, and tell everybody your name!", Me: "My name is Barbara!", Anastacia: "Oh Barbara darling, you´ve got a voice I would think you´re a man when I would call you on the phone. So like excuse me sir ah……and where are you from", Me: "I am from Upper Austria too!" : "Oh, Upper Austria, I am from Upper America!" And after : "Don´t need to be nervous, it´s all fine!" it started. The first verse from "One day in your life" and you are standing next to her, it’s all unreal in your eyes, and there are 12.500 people who see- and listen to you. This impression is indescribably. You cannot think, you cannot even do anything, you can only hope for doing it well. And that’s what I’ve doubted because of my cold.

Sabrina had to sing the first chorus and pointed to Ana at the part of "One day in your life". Anastacia showed her thumb and smiled at her. As the word "cry" appeared in the song exhorted her with a cheeky smile cause Sabrina began to cry in the hotel. Great, awesome, all went good. The audience was screeching and applauding. Then Sabrina got a "gimme five" of Anastacia, she had to sing the second verse, and that is was me to sing the second chorus! Well, it was okay but actually my voice let me down a bit, but that was my colds fault. Ana was dancing in front of me and smiled to take my cold away. This feeling was amazing, even though I didn’t hit all tones. Ana took my and Sabrinas hand and went to the middle of the stage. The audience was applauding while we stood there – arm in arm with Anastacia. She explained to the crowd that we just wanted to visit a concert of her and had no clue that we were allowed to sing with her on stage!!! Anastacia : "Barbara was screaming the whole first part of the show like ANASTACIA and now she has to sing like stronger!"

Every one got a signed tour book of Ana. While she signed my one I told her that it would be the birthday of one of our members today. She starred at me and asked: "Somebody has birthday, who???" I said it would be Vicky’s 16th birthday. She gave me the tour book and head for our fan club and asked: "So, who is Vicky?". The audience and also the club was screeching. And so Vicky got a little birthday song that she will probably never forget. Ana was standing in front of her and sang "Happy Birthday"– so cute of her. After all we left the stage and were photographed in the backstage area then. You can find the picture on the page of the official fan club. We pursued the rest of the concert in the front row as we already did before. It was amazing, a dream became true. Its hard to explain but the easiest way is probably to say: