AFC Interview with Anastacia in Vienna

On Monday, Babs got informed by Universal that Anastacia will be in Vienna on October the 1st and that 3 people will have the opportunity to have an Interview with her. Universal claryfied that it’s Top Secret and that just 3 people are allowed to come.
On the beginning Verena, Tommy and Babs were planned for the Interview. Verena had no time because she had to study so a third person was missing.
Yesterday I accepted a totally unsuspecting call from Babs, I thougt she just wanted to talk with me but I got disabused real soon. Babs said:” You’re now the stopgap.”
Of course I didn’t understand anything what she wanted to tell me with this sentence, but when she said: “Tommy, you and me are going to have an Interview with Anastacia tomorrow” – Babs noticed me speechless for the first time. I didn’t really know how to handle this message. The following hours I felt like being in trance and I turned the upcoming night into day because I was too nervous to be able to sleep. On Wednesday, I left school at 10.30 because I was really too nervous for another boring lesson. At 12.30 Babs picked me up in St.Valentin and we started our trip to Vienna. After the car had been parked we met Tommy in front of the Hotel and we decided to go in for having a look and for drinking a coffee.
At the entrance Shawn welcomed us with a warmly smile and she said like it’s obvious :”I’ll call her after lunch”. But we told her that it’s not necessary because we are going to have an interview with her.
Shawn's facial expressions were very clear and we could see that she feels very pleased for us. The following hours didn’t pass quite fast and Tommy and me were getting really nervous. While we were waiting Wayne and Shawn came for a talk and we also got to know a woman from “Island Records”. She asked us where we are from and that she feels very comfortable having us here.
At about 5 o’clock it was finally our time. We were allowed to join our Interview. Before Anastacia was coming we talked with Shawn and 2 woman from Univeral. And finally, she came, totally happy and relaxed as we know and love her. Anastacia hugged and kissed us so strong like she wanted to squash us and then the Interview started. At the beginning we asked her for a little “Welcome” for the homepage. She did it really lovely and then we went on with the Interview. We asked her about 10 questions out of 30 because Anastacia was talking and talking and talking all the time. During the Interview I asked her a question that she probably didn’t understand. She asked me without any hesitation :”Come over to me”, but she was sitting on a chair with not really enough space for 2 people so I said that she should come to me on the couch because we’d have more space here as on the little chair. But she said again:”NO, come over...”.
Okay, I didn’t want to get asked once more and so I was sitting thigh on thigh next to her on 1 chair. She put her hand over my shoulder and the nervousness was blown away. At the end I said to Anastacia that we’ve asked her so many questions so far and If she has a question for the Fanclub now. She said that she feels under pressure now because normally she is the person who get asked. I won’t tell you her answer here because you should definitely watch it youself. It’s worth it.
We had about 30 minutes with Anastacia only for us. It was really an unforgettable day. We could convince that she is totally on earth and just a natural human being. And all the botox discussions and that she has no facial expression anymore etc. It’s absolutely NOT true. We saw her directly in front of us and she looks perfectly and totally happy. After the Interview we went in a restaurant and at about 7 o`clock we said good bye to Tommy and Babs and me were starting our trip back home.
A huge “THANKS” to Babs for an amazing day.

by Angi, October 1st 2008