The Fanclub meets Anastacia

Yes, now the whole story of our meeting with Anastacia!!!

Some of us were at the concert in Graz on February 13th. The concert was great, brilliantly as we know it from Anastacia, what else shall I say about it. And then we appeared there as a fanclub. Ana has larked around with us from the stage, and she has obviously noticed our FC-Banner.

We went on to Vienna on Monday, February 14th. Some Members still joined me and Dagmar and what shall someone do in Vienna on a cold, snow-covered Valentine's Day. So we went with a spring bouquet for a coffee in Ana's hotel, we enclosed a small card ito the bouquet and asked at the reception to take it to Anastacia`s suite, that was no problem either.
The Consierge was simply extremely nice and told us that Ana isn't in the house but probably comes back soon and we would be welcome to drink something and wait in the lobby.
If you get this opportunity, you have to take it!!!!

At half past 5 we looked to the main entrance and there she was, she leaned casually against the reception and looked at me, and there it was, Anastacia's typical smile. Unfortunately, she went, however, into her suite at once. But Ana's Bodyguard came to us after 10 minutes, he said Ana would let herself be apologized, but she would still have an interview. But than he asked whether we would have time at about half past 3 tomorrow.
There is only one answere to this question, isn't there??? And he said: "She loves the flowers, she loves them, see you tomorrow!"

We had a date with Anastacia. So we were a little to early in the hotel at 3:00 p.m. Tuesday, February 15th. First Ana's sister Shawn came, and we had a little conversation. She said: "She knows that you are here, she loves the flowers and she will come in a few minutes!"

At 10 to 4 it was the time, Anastacia stood in front of us and said: "Hi, nice to meet you!"
We were overwhelmed to see her directly in front of us for the first time. Then I went to her and gave her our present from the club, a bear with a club shirt and letters with messages of our Members. She took my hand dragged me to herself at once, peck on the left, peck on the right.
Then I showed her my Tattoo, she beat me with the palm on the cross that it smacked really loud and said: "Hey, she did it!"
Then she already started to diligently sign our shirts, CD`s,etc..

Everybody was photographed one by one with Ana and then the manager took another group picture.
In the whole flashlight thunderstorm even a German sentence came from Anastacia: "With 2 one sees better!" That all was so sweet!

So we had Ana for us approx. a quarter of an hour. A feeling that can`t be described, to top this is impossible (I thought at this time). But still we should experience more.

Some Members with Anastacia

Anastacia & Babs

Ana & Babs showing their Tattoos

Anastacia & Dagmar

Ana signs Melanie´s Shirt

Anastacia & Angie

Anastacia & Kamila

Ana's Bodyguard