Women´s World Awards 2009

After a long time here’s a report from me and I feel a little "out of shape". But I just give it a try. As we heard that Anastacia was invited to the Women’s World Awards to receive an award it was clear that we wanted to be there. President Babs did her job and tried to get as much information as possible. On Tuesday, march 3rd, she received a call from the organizer. The woman who was responsible for giving away the tickets said it would be awesome if the Anastacia Fanclub could be present at the show. She said the more people the better! Thirty should be perfect. Wow, we already get invited!!!
Thanks to Tommy a newsletter was sent out to all our members and on Babs cell phone was "heavy rotation", it didn’t stop ringing. But in no time we had these thirty people. On Thursday, March 5th, we drove to Vienna and at about 11am we turned into the parking garage at the "Lugner City". Tommy came at about 12am and only a little while later Ondo and Peter joined us. Then we headed for the Vienna City Hall which is only around the corner, to pick up our tickets.
The weather obviously had it in for us, because it was very windy and it rained pretty hard. We decided to drive to the hotel to hand over some flowers. Tommy took the lead and public transportation took us to the centre of Vienna. We bought two pretty bouquets – one for Ana and one for Shawn - and went to the hotel "The Ring". While Tommy, Ondo, Peter and I were waiting outside of the hotel, Babs went in and had them send the two bouquets to Ana’s suite. We were the only one’s standing outside of this hotel and after a little while Boris, Ana’s assigned assistant, came. Then we knew we had the chance of seeing Ana. Suddenly Wayne came to us and we shook hands, as if we’d be old friends. Just awesome!!! Meanwhile some other people came to the hotel, but I think these were just autograph hunters and no Fans waiting especially for Ana.
I became more nervous but we didn’t have to wait long before Ana came through the hotel door. With a huge smile and in really good mood she started writing autographs. Ondo, Peter and Tommy got their pics and then she went to the other side to continue writing autographs. Shawn was still standing at the hotel door and I waved to her. She smiled and waved back. I pointed to Babs and now Shawn also saw her. She went to Babs and gave her a hug. She thanked us for our support in these difficult times. Hearing such words makes me realize how much she appreciates us and I think she is really happy that she has such fans. I think I’m melting…ok, back to the story. Well, before they drove away Ana posed for some pics. Once again she looked stunning. You surely looked at the pics at our homepage. As for me, I love this kind of outfit on her. The guys were all smiles, and so we went back to the Lugner City. After arriving there, we granted our hungry stomachs a yummy lunch. At around 4pm Lena joined us. She, as well as Ondo and Peter, was already styled for the big evening and was wearing a long, sexy red gown. Since Tommy, me and Babs were still wearing street wear, we set work on cleaning ourselves up. Huge thanks to the lady at the restroom who let us get dressed there. She seemed to like us and what we do. We met Roman, Manu and Sabsi at the parking garage. Since we all didn’t see us in a long time, the excitement was huge. Together we headed for the Vienna city hall. One by one all the people arrived and we went to our places at the red carpet, but of course behind the barrier. It was still raining but thank good that place was under a roof. But it was pretty cold, and some of us were wearing kind of breezy outfits. At around 6:30pm only a hand full of people stood in the so called fan zone, so we decided to ask if we could stand there, too. So Babs und I went to the security to ask if with our ticket we could get in there. They just said that they couldn’t let us in there because our tickets are not for the fan zone. We tried to convince them that we are fans and we had to be there…if not there, where else? One of them pointed out that we had VIP tickets and we should go to the foyer to wait for the stars. What? We have VIP tickets?? Next time we’ll take a closer look at our tickets…but that VIP was written really small. Ok, whatever…so we wait at a warm place. So we went in and in the foyer we got some sparkling wine. After we gave off our jackets at the checkroom we went to the entrance which led from the red carpet directly to the hall and soon we saw the first VIP’s. Unfortunately we were not really interested in them – we wanted Anastacia!!!
Finally we saw her, she was busy giving interviews. She also stopped at the fanzone and took pics with those few people there. Finally she came through the open door, Shawn and her video cam was in front of her. Seemed as if they wanted to record this special moment. Shawn saw us and pointed to us and Ana turned and came right to us. Wow, she was wearing a golden sequined dress which let us see her tattoos on her back. Shawn also looked stunning, but as always she took a backseat. Ana said that we’d look great and that she almost didn’t recognize us without our red shirts. Then she turned to Shawn and said right into the camera that we would be her Australian, uhm, Austrian fanlcub. Then she gave Babs a kiss on the right and on the left, turned to a photographer and then the flurry of flashbulbs started. Everyone wanted to be in the picture and pushed forward. Then they wanted her to move on and we saw her walk up the stairs. Kelly Clarkson was supposed to come, but it seemed she forwent the red carpet. It was already around 7:30pm as we went to our seats. We all sat in a row and if we would have been wearing our redshirt we’d have been the eye-catcher of the evening (besides Anastacia of course). At the beginning Alfons Haider (the host) told the audience that the Anastacia fanclub is in the audience and said hello to us in his charming way. After Vera Russwurm’s and Alfons Haider’s introducing words Kelly Clarkson sang her first song and I was positively surprised by her great voice. Sounded damn good. Right after that Anastacia was brought on stage as first award winner. This time she was wearing tight black pants, black boots and a black top. In her speech she said that this award would mean a lot to her and that she would take it to bed with her. Then she thanked her "Australian fanlcub"…so funny. I suppose she was a little nervous. Of course she meant her Austrian fanclub. Whatever, we know who she meant. After her speech she sang "I’m outta love" and the audience clapped along. Of course we stood up and try to lift the spirit. Then all the other awards were given away and Kelly Clarkson, Zucchero and a tenor who’s name I forgot sang their songs. As second song Ana performed "Defeated" for the first time. As the show drew to a close Vera Russwurm and Alfons Haider said goodbye, and at the word "good bye" a lot of people left the room in a rush although Zucchero was still to come. Well, we watched him. Unfortunately Ana was not present when they took a group photo at the end. So we went to the checkroom. At the end of this really great evening some of us went to a restaurant at the Lugner City and at midnight we wished our Roman all the best for his birthday. At around 1:15am we finally had to say goodbye because we still had a long way home.

by Dagmar, 5. März 2009