Wetten Dass..? in Salzburg

So guys, after awhile there is something for our diary again. On Friday, after work, I set out for Upper Austria to Babs and Gerhard again. While I attended to my duties as a Cashier - Representative and checked the invoices, Babs finished the Award for the "Most Human Star" which Anastacia should get from the Fanclub. I can tell you, it is really very well done.

After a delicious dinner (as always at Babs`) we wrote down the message from our Underground Soldiers. Afterwards we watched TV to relax a bit and went to bed quite early. On Saturday, after breakfast, we set out for Salzburg. While Babs and I came for Verena, Gerhard came for Norbert and Martina. At about 2.00pm we arrived at the Salzburg Arena, where a few members were already waiting. It was f......cold and we prepared ourselfes for a long, cold waiting time. As I said, it was ice cold. And so we went to seek for a coffe bar. Thank God there was a hotel just around the corner at which we settled in.

At about 3.00pm we where back at the Arena. And one by one all "Red Shirts" arrived. It was pretty cold and the afternoon was long, but somehow we had the hope to see our sweetheart. At about 5.00pm it was time! A Limousine and two Vans slowly passed us and disappeared on the backside of the Arena. Less than two minutes later the Limousine came back and Anastacia left the car and came to us. She was in very good mood and looked fantastic again. She gave everyone an autograph and chatted without a break, as always. Simply sweet!!! When Babs, Martina and I gave her the Award, she said: "Oh man! Oh, oh my god! You are killing me. That's beautiful!" Kiss on the right, kiss on the left. She was really taken, but you can see that in the video. To reawaken our deep-frozen feet we went to the hotel again. You can imagine what happens when aprox. 30 people in red Shirts appear in such a small hotel coffebar. *g*

At about 6.00pm we lined up to enter the Arena. Done, we where complete and so we went up to the bar. There a linkman put the people into good humor. "Salzburg heute" was recorded live, and so we lined up with our banner. We are already known for making good humor. At 7.30pm we were finally allowed to enter the hall and take our seats. Unfortunately this time we were pretty scattered. But I think you could see us a several times anyway. *g*

The spirit in the Arena was very good and Tommy did his jokes with the audience. We were really impressed to see how such a show runs and how many people are running around between stage and audience. Ana and Eros came as the second showact. You saw yourself how pretty our sweetheart has been. When she found us, she waved. And there it was again: The smile that casts a spell over everyone.

I have to say that the whole show, the bets and the showacts have been really great. As always it has been overrun and the "Sports studio" had to wait. After the show we met in the bar of the Arena again and had a chat. As usually we were the last one's and at about 00.30am we set out for home. Norbert and Martina drove back with Gerhard and we brought Verena save back home. But as we arrived at Babs' we could not even think of sleeping. We watched the videos and the pictures while eating hot sausages. We went to bed not befor 3.30am.

At this point I wanna send a huge thank you to Babs for all her troubles. Without YOU we would not have get all the tickets and we would not have had the chance to meet Anastacia again. Keep on doing!


by Dagmar, January 28th 2006