Opel Event in Nürnberg 2006

Our personal christmas story!!!!

During the advent season or also called the thought-provoking time there are dreams and miracles that come true. I never thought that something like that could happen to me. But thats what we experienced ...

At the beginning of this week I was asked if I knew where Anastacia could probably appear coz she would be here in Nuremberg on Wednesday. Very overcharged I searched through the internet but I couldn´t find anything about a private concert there.

On Monday I met a few colleagues and we tried to find out together where Ana could be. Our suggestions went from a potential BMW-Christmas celebration to a launching of a bank. We went into the matter about those suggestions on Tuesday and on Wednesday but couldn´t figure anything out. So I went to bed with the bad conception that any rich guy from Nuremberg is gonna have a private concert!

I felt a little better on Thursday and the daily routine brought me back out of my dreamworld. I got over not to meet Anastacia by accident - Nuremberg is not that small - and drove my normal way to the music play area. At about
9 Andreas called me on my cell phone and told me that his colleague talked about the Opel start ceremony 2007 and that Anastacia should appear at that celebration. I was soooo excited and called Sabine, Dagmar and Babs right away. They got also over the thing that it would be a private concert without any freaks and were kinda flabbergasted when I called them. Without further ado all plans of the day have been bowled over and all of them (Sabine, Dagi and Babs were 300 km away and also Sandy from Nuremberg) went to the masshalls at the big road.

As Sabine and I arrived a lil earlier we explored the area and asked without success if we were allowed to see the concert in the hall. Then we found a subterranean garage gateway with a very nice doorman and decided that Ana has to come out of that gateway after the show. We told our suggestion to the others that arrived at 9 pm. They agreed and so we took a stand on there.

After a short time we were able to persuade the security to put our presents for Anastacia into his hut and to give it to a colleague that should come and bring it to Ana or to Wayne. Then..when we all were kinda distracted, two cars drove past what we only saw out of our eyes-corner. We knew that this has been Anastacia with the team. But unfortunately she didn´t see Babs (she would have known her...) or us coz we were more interested in that doorman. And noone was waering a red shirt, so it wasn´t that easy for Ana to see anyone of us. We were a lil sad then and hoped for another chance and so we kept on waiting.

The concert startet at 10:10 pm and we went to the front of the hall and tried to hear a bit of her singing. I have to admit though that it was a torture for fans coz only parts of the songs penetrated out. That wasn´t that funny and we decided to go back to the gateway of the garage and hoped for Ana to come out there.
As it got colder more and more on our observation post we were very thankful for the tea that my husband gave us. Heating our hands we appointed him to be our honorary member. He definitely deserved that coz of his waiting in Lisbon. During our waiting time we saw like 5 shooting stars and we all wished the same thing (and that was to lay down in a warm bath tub. *lol*).

At midnight I gave up hope and even though our bein together was great, the whole situation was kinda depressing if the crowning issue was missing.
Sabine wanted to leave at 0.30 am but I told her to stay coz I couldnt break away. So she sat down in Sandra's car where she tried to warm up with the power of the motor. After a short time a car came up the gateway, the driver stopped and let down the windowpane and said: "The waiting was worth it - the next 3 cars are gonna be interesting." We hailed at the others and began to get out our presents, pencils and autographs kinda hectically.
An then the 3 silver cars came up the gateway. The second one stopped in front of us. Wayne got out first and so did Anastacia. She approached us and hugged everyone of us and gave a lil kiss on the left and right cheek. Then she rushed to our lil present that we brought and said: "Oh cookies!!!".
Babs told her this would be an envelope with pictures in it. Ana was pleased and thought that those pictures would be a present for her. Babs tried to explain that these would be autographs for the draw at our Fanclub page. And so Ana began to sign them right away. She was jabbering the whole time and blew to get the autographs dry.
Ana said if she knew that we all were standing here in the cold, she would have fetched us in. Bugger it! That would have a been an absolute highlight!
But we all are very happy about what we got.
I think she was very glad to see us again. Afterwards everyone could take a picture with her while she hugged us. But 10 minutes later she had to leave again.
I think the meeting was comparable with one of a good friend that just has not that much time, and definitely not with a worldstar!

After that we all were beside ourselves with joy and said goodbye coz it was late and our Austrians had to drive back. So we went back home - very proud of our autographs and taken pictures.

by Andrea, December 14th 2006