Fan-Event in Hamburg 2005

On Friday, 11.11.2005, Anastacia got a 5-Platinum Award for her Album of the same name. And also the greatest Hits collection "Pieces of a dream" already got a platinum Award after only one week!!!

Due to Sony the fanclub got 14 tickets for this mega-event, which have been raffled among the members. Once again I wanna say a huge THANK YOU to Ilona! On Friday, 11.11.2005 at 3:30 a.m we (Martina, Maria, Susanne, Babs, Gerhard, Roman, Dagmar and I) set out for Hamburg! As we arrived in Hamburg at about 2:00 pm, after a long but anyway very nice train ride, we met the German ticket-winners. All together we set out for our hotel. Tatjana booked a really nice hotel! Not very luxurious, but only 5 minutes away from the train station and also from the venue! So also a huge thank you to Tatjana!
I guess we never had such a short way to an Anastacia - performance before. After we moved into our rooms, we all were sitting together waiting curiously for the evening.

At 5:00 p.m we walked unhurried to the "scene of events", the club "GOLDEN CUT". There we also met our soldiers, who also got tickets. All together we waited in front of the club for the entrance. It was really nice to see all the faces we used to see at all the other Anastacia concerts! At 6:00 pm we were allowed to go in. We were very amazed about the small scale in which this event should happen. It was a very comfortable atmosphere! In a small part of the room there were a table with drinks and some candles on it, a microphone rack and a stool already waiting for Anastacia. And there we were in our red shirts! We really were a part of only 80 invited guests! Just before we could realize that, the German actor Marek Erhardt (which presented the event) and some camera teams and reporter came in to explain the run of the evening. We have been interviewed, and everyone was surprised when they heard from where we were. And at 7:45 pm the time had come. Ana arrived with 45 minutes delay. In front of the club’s gates she patiently spent time on the photographers and the fans who got no tickets. But then it meant: "The goddess enters the room!" And there she was – closer than ever!!

She looked so gorgeous in her sand-coloured two-piece. After greeting the fans, we were allowed to ask her some questions. The presenter greeted us extra-nice cause he brimmed over with enthusiasm for us (in the course of the evening he came to us a several times and praised us to the skies). I raised my arm in impulse, and before I knew what I should ask, the presenter gave me the mic! Trembling with excitement I asked her about the video to "I belong to you"! And so the first question was ours! One of the guests couldn’t deny himself the question about Prince Albert. But Anastacia answered very cool: "Oh darling, he is the prince, I performed a few songs at his ball, and at the end of the evening I got paid – that’s it!" Afterwards she presented the video to the 12 minute megamix. After that we have been organized into groups and after a while she and Wayne came to us! God, she was so cute!! Took our presents, joked with us and patiently signed everything we gave to her. A Lady said we were only allowed to give her one piece to sign, but Wayne said: "Oh, that’s special!" So everyone got a dedication, an autograph on his shirt and other things we wanted her to sign. Then they took a group shot. After the shot she also signed the fanclub banner with the words: "To all my fans, your love is amazing! I keep you in my heart 4-ever!"
She really didn’t stop writing, that was awesome! Then she went to the next table to give autographs. And we thought – that was it!

But it should get much better! We went to Shawn and had a little chat with her. We talked about our tattoos, and Shawn went to Anastacia and asked her to make a tattoo shot with us! And really – the "tattoo-owners" were brought to Anastacia into the VIP space!!! Ana chucked herself with us on the sofa. After that we had a chat with Shawn, Ana and Wayne for a few minutes. Then I said that we may not forget the most important man of the evening and asked Wayne to sign my shirt! Shawn said grinning: "If you wouldn’t be black you would now be red!" and also Anastacia supported us and said: "Come on, for the girls". And so we also had his name on our shirts!! Babs told them about the missing box in which also her tambourine was. Shawn and Ana could remember that, and said that every piece has already been signed. They said that they are not able to give account of this! But Shawn promised that Babs would get her tambourine back. And if she couldn’t find it, she would get something that is more special!!

Then it was time for the platinum-Award! Ana was visibly impressed and affected and she only said: "Holy Moses!".

But then she had to leave very fast to get her plane to London! On our way out we got a little "goodie bag" (so Ana said) with a s.Oliver t-shirt, a promo-cd from "Pieces of a Dream" and a few other little things in it! We, the soldiers and some fans from the de-Forum went for a drink together to review the events of this unique evening. This evening was really one-of-a-kind and it will surely take some time to realize what we have been able to undergo!

by Martina, November 11th 2005