November 2009

November 1st 2009
by Babs

New photos
On AnastaciaSource you can find new pictures from Anastacia and Chaka Khan on their way to the studio to rehears for their upcoming "Here come the girls" tour! Thanks to Bill!

November 2nd 2009
by Tommy

Second Worldstar at Art-On-Ice
Today it became public which other artist will perform during the Art-On-Ice Shows next to our Ana. It is the 28-years-old virtuoso Violinist David Garret.

November 4th 2009
by Tommy

Concert Performance
Last Monday Ben's Brother gave a concert at London's Shepherd's Bush Empire where they were joined by Anastacia to sing their duet 'Stalemate' together with Jamie Hartman. A video of their performance is already on YouTube. Sabry from AnastaciaTheItalianDream were there too and had the chance to meet Anastacia outside.

November 5th 2009
by Babs

This Morning
There is a stream from "This morning", you can watch it here. This video is in better quality than we had till now and contains the interview and "Stalemate - live"!

Art on Ice
Rumors are going around, they are telling that Art on Ice will be broadcasted on Eurosport. Unfortunately this is not right! But it is planed a summary on TV, this should be broadcasted on Easter Monday on the swiss channel SF1.

October raffle
The winner of the october raffle is definite, the signed "I can feel you" single goes to Daniela from St. Augustin/Germany, congratulations! And of course the next raffle is already online, so take part!

We won the "Site of the month" Award on Anastacia-Unlimited, thanks to Dana for nominating us. And also a big THANK YOU to everyone that voted for us there!

November 17th 2009
by Tommy

Art On Ice Folder
The Team of 'Art On Ice' made some promotion-folder available for us, where all involved people are listed, Anastacia of course too. There are two versions in german and french language. We have scanned both of them for you and will furthermore add them to the upcoming raffles until March.



November 18th 2009
by Tommy

Norwood Charity Gala
The british charity organisation Norwood supports children and families in need, helping them to change their lives. During an annual dinner showbusiness stars have helped raise almost £3million for Norwood. Chart-topping singers Lulu, Anastacia and Chaka Khan and ballerina Darcey Bussell featured in a moving video about the work of Norwood for some 1,200 guests. You are able to watch this video here! Much Thanx to Tasha from AFU for this hint.

November 20th 2009
by Tommy

Royal Variety Performance
According to the 'Blackpool Gazette' Lulu, Chaka Khan and Anastacia were recently added to the line-up of this years Royal Variety Performance, where they will perform. The show will take place on December 7th an being broacast on December 17th on ITV. The charity cares for UK entertainers who need assistance as a result of old age, ill-health or hard times. And again we thank tasha for this information!

Edinburgh - Here come the girls by Dagi
A little late but finally we provide you a diary from Edinburgh. For me and Babs the trip started Friday afternoon when we drove by car in the direction of the Munich Airport. After we parked the car we were looking for our gate and couldn’t wait to get up in the air.
I was curious about the nice Scottish city and landscape and my expectations got fulfilled. When we arrived in Edinburgh, we took the bus to the inner city. Unfortunately it got dark in the meantime but when we got our hotel room we’ve got rewarded with a beautiful view. We could look at the castle and immediately made our way to the city. We walked through the streets and I was in love with that city from the first second on. Old little brick stone houses and you had the feeling that jack the ripper was about to jump around the next corner.
The weather was rather bad but we didn’t mind. Because we already have been hungry, the Hard Rock Cafe came in the nick of time. The reputation of the English food isn’t the best so we went in quickly. After some ales and delicious food we went back to the hotel and went to bed.

November 21st 2009
by Tommy

'Here Come The Girls' Has Been Started
Babs & Dagi, our two heads of the fanclub are in Edinburgh, UK right now to witness the first show of the 'Here Come The Girls Tour' live with their own eyes and they just informed us immediately during and after it with the following first, hot information:

The stage: similar like on the Heavy Rotation Tour (on the left and right side there are white stairs, the 3 ladies appear in the middle)
The Show lasts about 2 hours with a short break in between when a throne is build-up on stage
Tracklist, approx. 25 songs (incomplete!): I'm Every Women by Chaka Khan (all), One Day In Your Life (all), Let's Pretend by Lulu (all), I'm Outta Love (all), part of Just Dance by Lady Gaga (all), Respect by Aretha Franklin (mostly Chaka Khan), Mercy by Duffy (mostly Lulu), Oldies Medley (all), Proud Mary by Tina Turner (all), Angel by Robbie Williams (all), Left Outside Alone (Anastacia solo), Final Song: Relight My Fire by Take That (all)
Crew: There are 3 male and 3 female dancers; no band
Productionmanager is Peter, who already was responsible for the 'Heavy Rotation Tour'
Merchandise: Tourbook (10 pounds), T-Shirts (20 pounds), Sweatshirts (35 pounds)

Much Thank to both of you for this service and greetings to Edinburgh!

Day of the concert
The next day we got up rather early and watched the sun rise above the castle from our hotel room. Simply beautiful! After a copious breakfast we went on a sightseeing tour and visited the castle from inside. It’s a very impressive building. The weather was like in April, sunny, rainy, windy and stormy which was changing every 5 minutes. Because it was raining again we decided to discover the city by a red double-decker bus. In the afternoon we again ate in the Hard Rock Café and went back to the hotel to get ready for the evening.
The venue was right around the corner and we met the Italian girls Sabry, Alice and Silvy in the lobby. Together we were waiting for the entrance and because there were seats only, it went rather comfortable. Everybody was excited because this was the first show and nobody knew what to expect.
Having the camera ready we were waiting for the beginning and it started full tilt. We stayed in our seats for the first two songs but later everybody got up and because our seats were in the first row we stood right in front of the stage. There were no securities and no ditch, just direct contact with the ladies. Anastacia gave us a handshake while performing "I’m Outta Love" and also Lulu played with the first row now and then. There were some surprises with the stage outfits and the equipment. For example the throne for "Lady Marmalade" or the oversized sound machine for "I feel for you".
The three ladies had fun on stage even when the choreography wasn’t synchron all the time. But it was definitely a successful prelude and like any other concerts it went by way too fast.
After the show we met Shawn and gave her the tour dvds. She loved the cover and said that Ana and her mum would surely like it. Well, I think everybody who already got the dvd will concur that it is damn well done. After that we had a few drinks with the Italian girls at our hotel bar and said goodbye around 2 am.

November 22nd 2009
by Tommy

'Here Come The Girls' Tracklist
Here comes the official and complete setlist of the current running 'Here Come The Girls' Tour, sometimes one of them sang mainly and the other two working as backgroundsingers. There are two dancing interludes by the 6 dancers also. Again a big thanx goes out to Babs & Dagi for sending us this list from Edinburgh by mail!

First Videos added as has been uploaded on YouTube - belong to their respective owners!

by Chaka Khan
by Lulu
by Sonny & Cher
by The Temptations
by Stevie Wonder
by Otis Redding/ SOUL MAN by Blues Brothers
by The Supremes/
by The Supremes/YOU KEEP ME HANGING ON by The Supremes
by Martha & the Vandellas
by Duffy
by Aretha Franklin
by Madonna/ BILLIE JEAN by Michael Jackson/ SCREAM by Michael & Janet Jackson/ RHYTHM NATION by Janet Jackson
by Chaka Khan
by Tina Turner

by Patty LaBelle
by Rod StewartDANCERS
by Chaka Khan
by Donna Summer
by Lulu
by Chaka Khan
by Barbara Straisand & Donna Summer
by The Trammps /NIGHT FEVER by The Bee Gees/
by Gloria Gaynor
by Robbie Williams
by Take That & Lulu

And again a tour is ending by Dagi

On Sunday we got up early again because we wanted to do our second sight seeing tour with the double-decker bus before our flight back. On this trip we could see the summer residence of the Queen and afterwards we went to the airport. There we met the italian girls again and went for a drink together with them. Because of our conversation we nearly missed our check-in and had to hurry at least. After a good flight and a safe trip back without traffic jams we were back in the daily routine.

November 23rd 2009
by Tommy

Pictures From Edinburgh, England
Babs & Dagi not only came back from their trip with a bunch of information but also with a lot of eye candy! We wanna start with 197 amazing photos from the first concert in Edinburgh, England to find in our gallery. If everything works fine a video of the whole show will follows on Wednesday for Download!

'Here Come The Girls' Tourbook
On this tour a tourbook with 28 pages is available too. We've scanned it for you and uploaded it to our gallery. Check it out!

November 25th 2009
by Tommy

Video from Edinburgh, England
As promised we can now proudly present the first recording of a whole concert from 'Here Come The Girls' in proven AFC-quality. Thanx goes fully out to the wonderful Babs & Dagi who did once more an amazing job! Enjoy! Note: Please do not link directly to the Rapidshare-Links instead state out site as source.

>> Part 1 << >> Part 2 << >> Part 3 <<
>> Part 4 << >> Part 5 << >> Part 6 <<

In the meantime we also cutted the video and uploaded it to our YouTube-Channel where you can watch it while downloading. Enjoy!


November 26th 2009
by Babs

Royal Variety Performance
We all know that "The Girls" will be attending at this years Royal Variety performance. The show will be at December 7th but the broadcasting date has changed and will now be at December 16th on ITV. Thanks to Tasha for the info!

Finally it is online, the "Here come the girls"-Shop opened his doors. You can now buy fan stuff like the tourbook and different shirts on the official site of the ladies!

November 27th2009
by Tommy

Anastacia in Liverpool
Last Wednesday 'Here Come The Girls' stopped for a concert in Liverpool and Anastacia was spotted by paparazzis while arriving. Photos are available on AnastaciaSource and AnastaciaDreams

New Interview
The UK Telegraph did an interview with Anastacia, where she's speaking about her holiday experienes. You can read it here. Much thanx to tasha!

HCTG Audio Download
The full concert from Edinburgh is now available as an audio download too for all members in the Downloadsection. Enjoy during fill your iPod!

November 28th 2009
by Marli

Here come the girls - Bristol

My friend Martin and me started our way to Berlin on Saturday 28.11.09 at about 7 am by car. Our plane left in time at 10:45 am and after 2 hours we landed at 11.45 am local time. We drove into the city by bus and met Kriszti on our way to the hostel where she was staying, too.
We just refreshed ourselves a bit and went to the hotel in which the Dutchies and Italians were staying which was about 2 min to walk. In front of the Premier Inn we met Ronald, Wanda, Mia, Chantal, Annika, Kika and all the others.
We joined them for picking up the tickets at Colston Hall because something got messed up with the departure. On our way we saw Wayne in front of a hotel busy doing something at a car. We have been a rather large group and so we decided to just walk straight on.
After they received their tickets, we split into two smaller groups. One group went to eat and me, Ronald, Wanda, Mia, Martin and Kriszti went to see some sights. After a few meters and entering some shops, a silver van passed us. And who was in it? Wayne, who was waving and happily smiling at us. Later on we got to know that Ana was in the back of the car, knocking at the window which we didn’t notice then.
Later we went to eat and changed our clothes for the concert after. When we went to Colston Hall we all sat down and had some drinks while we were waiting to get into the hall itself.
Before it was time to go in, most of us bought a tourbook. Just shortly after we found our seats security was telling us (who were sitting on the balcony) we had to remain seated for security reasons. Excuse me? Sitting at an Anastacia concert? My mood went down. But when we got to her the first notes the trouble was blown away. I shook my bum as much as possible, sang and clapped my hands off.
The girls are just awesome. When they performed "Soulman" some fans were able to sing into Ana’s microphone. I just expected a bit more of Chaka. Personally, I think she did way too much screaming instead of singing. When the first song was done Ana needed to call some fans to order who built a little mob in front of the center stage.
During the break most of us got a cold drink and we met with the fans that were placed in the stalls. We reviewed the first part of the concert and I complained about the sitting issue. And then it was time to start again. During the second half people on the balconies got so overexcited that almost everybody was standing up and security was not able to tell us to sit down anymore.
When Ana entered the stage for "Left Outside Alone" she had problems with the receiver for her ear piece and struggled a bit with it. After a few seconds she gave up and threw it off stage. When she sang a few lines of the song there was smoke blown on stage. Unfortunately she went right into it, stopped singing and coughed, telling people that they were about to smoke her out.
The mix of "Crazy In Love" and "Shake Your Body Down" was kind of an encore which made people’s blood boil one last time. After the concert, some people were lucky enough to attend a Meet & Greet.
We (the others) were standing outside, waiting and tried to get a glimpse of Lulu and Chaka. And just after a little while Chaka hurried to get out and left with a quick wave. Lulu followed a few minutes later but she took her time to sign everything and was grateful for the compliments. When the others were done with the Meet & Greet we went to eat and drink a bit. In the middle of the night we went down the road and discovered the a Beat The Street bus in which we went on tour in September, unfortunately it was not Ana’s this time.
The following day, we went to do a little shopping trip with Kika and Chantal until we had to say Goodbye in the late afternoon. We took the bus back to the airport and after a 2-hours-flight to Berlin we needed to drive another 2 hours by car to arrive safely in Dresden at 12.30 am. We went to bed happy and with another unforgettable experience.