October 2008

October 3rd 2008, by Leif

New Pictures came up!
At Anastacia Portugal you can find new pictures of Anastacia. Be sure to check these quite beautiful pictures out!
Source: anastacia-portugal.com

October 6th 2008, by Babs

New Download!
Anastacia had been in Vienna last Wednesday and thanks to Universal we knew that but promised to keep it top secret. You need to understand that if we get this order we execute it.
During her stay she did some interviews, one of these already broadcasted at ATV. You can download it here. Anastacias day was absolutely filled with interviews so she haven’t seen anything else than the inside of her hotel. But more will follow in the next few days.

September raffle!
With a little delay we can now present the winner of our September raffle. The original autograph goes to Dario from Cerveteri/Italy. Have fun with your prize.
And of course we already started a new raffle, so head over to the members area to take part!!!

Shedule summary!
More and more appointments for Anastacia are came up during the past view days so here is a short summary:
26. Oktober 2008 - "Nur die Liebe zählt" - Sat1 - 19:05 Uhr - Germany
28. Oktober 2008 - "GMTV" - ITV - London - UK
28. Oktober 2008 - "Pink Ribbon Gala" - Stockholm - Schweden
10. Dezember 2008 - "Jingle Bell Ball" - Capital FM- O2 Arena - London - UK
12. Dezember 2008 - "Planet Rock" - London - UK

October 7th 2008, by Babs

New interview!
In the last issue of the "Sunday Times" was a very nice interview with Anastacia, you can find it here! Thanks to Callum!
Source: anastaciadreams.com

New song-previews!
Today new song-previews appeared on MySpace, take a listen! Thanx for the info to Kaitlinrose!

October 11th 2008, by Tommy

New Layout online!
Finally it's done! After Anastacia has gone through a kind of 'image change' we've decided that it is high time for the AFC as well. And like the Forum also the the Page has a whole new outfit. With design-wise help from Verena we have worked the last days very hard to bring this new version up and we really hope you like it too!

AFC-Interview with Anastacia!
Like we have reported earlier, her schedule brought Anastacia for a short-visit also to Vienna on Wednesday, 1st October. And Universal Music Austria gave us the exclusvie chance to make an interview with her. Under strict secrecy the reserved for us a 20(!)-minutes Interviewslot. Angi und Tommy asked the questions while Babs has filmed this amazing situatuon. A detailed report will follow of course soon. But a Video of the complete Interview is already available to download here. So enjoy and once again a BIG THANX to Universal Music Austria and Anastacia!

October 12th 2008, by Babs

Report online!
After the Video of our exclusive Interview in Vienna you can now also read a summary about our day in the capital city. In there you’ll find in detail what an experience this day had been.

October 13th 2008, by Babs

New Downloads!
A little late but now also the report in the german magazine Brisant was on air, you can download it at Anastaciawiki.com.
Also new interviews from her short-term stay in vienna appear one by another. Today there was a short report in the morning show Cafe Puls. Sure there are a few mistakes in it but it´s nice. You also can download this clip.

Interview in Seitenblicke
Tomorrow, Tuesday October 14th at 20:05 pm, the austrian magazine Seitenblicke will broadcast the interview with Anastacia that they had in Vienna. Tommy will record it and we will upload it tomorrow!

October 14th 2008, by Babs

New Download
Anastacia gave at interview in Holland at FOK.nl, you can download it now.

MySpace Update

At her official MySpace-Site is something new, Anastacia left a message there in the blog. She was on a short trip in Finland to perform "I can feel you" there. From October 20th on there will come more TV appearances.

Interview project from Universal
Universal Germany has startet a project in their message board on Anastacia.de. They collect interview questions and Anastacia should give the answers when she will be in Germay for the recording of "Nur die Liebe zählt". So think about what you want to know from her and post your questions in the threat Eure Fragen an Anastacia

Anastacia @ Bebo
Anastacia now has also an account at Bebo you can find there the blog and a raffle. They are drawing a meet & greet and a signed version of "Heavy Rotation". Thanks to Marli for the info!

Today at 8:05 pm there was a short interview in the magazine Seitenblicke which was recorded at Ocotber 1st in Vienna. You can download it now.

October 15th 2008, by Babs

New download
Unfortunately a little late but now the interview in the austrian magazine "Herbstzeit" from the 13th of October is online and you can download it.

New TV dates

According to Universal there will be new TV appearances at October 24th. At 1:00 pm there will be an interview in the "Mittagsmagazin" and at 5:45 pm there will be an interview in "Leute Heute". Both show are broadcasted on the german channel ZDF.

October 16th 2008, by Babs

New blogs
Anastacia has posted new Blogs on Bebo and MySpace.
We're very proud to announce that Anastacia's return has confirmed her first live performance! Anastacia will be performing at G.A.Y on Saturday November 1st. The show will take place in the club's new venue, Heaven, in central London. Tickets will be available on the night at the venue.
You can also catch Anastacia playing live on The Graham Norton Show next Thursday (October 23rd). Tune into BBC2 from 10pm to catch her in full flight and chatting with Graham! Not only that, Anastacia will also be appearing on GMTV (ITV1, October 28th), Loose Women (ITV1, October 31st), This Morning (ITV1, November 3rd) and Diva's (ITV1, November 23rd).

October 17th 2008, by Babs

New Mail
AnastaciaDreams has posted a new mail from Anastacia so rush over to Callums site to read it. There are also news about a special on the italian music channel 'All Music' on October 23rd from 9:00 to 10:00 pm! You can watch the special online!
Source: AnastaciaDreams + Anastaciafanclub.it

New Songpreviews

At our Czech colleagues Website you can find some new "Heavy Rotation" Song previews. Every single preview enclose a playing time of round about 30 seconds.

Update @ Anastacia.com

On Anastacias official Website her first so called "Webisode" came up. This is a diarylike Interview which shows her during her time in the studio. Be sure to have a look!!!

Oktober 18th 2008, by Babs

Win a Meet & Greet
Take your chance and win a Meet & Greet with Anastacia in cologne sponsored by Vanity Affair.de.

Anastacia in Spain
Anastacia in Spain - The official Newsletter of Anastacia.com reports an appearance of Anastacia on October 20th at "Dancing with the Stars" in Madrid. TVE1 will boradcast it.

Heavy Rotation Previews
At Anastacia.de you're able to grap more extended previews of the Album. Credits to Marcus! And also here you have the chance to win a meet & greet!Like we already heard in our exclusive interview with Anastacia, the UK edition of Heavy Rotation will contain a bonus track. A first preview of 'Beautiful Messed Up World' is avaiable here. Thanks to Anastacia Dreams

Oktober 19th 2008, by Babs

New Downloads
Today I tinkered at a few ringtones. The new Songs for your cell phone but also a part of an interview. So have a look in our download area.

October 20th 2008, by Babs

New interview
Anastacia gave a new interview in Switzerland, it´s very interesting. You can read it here but it´s in german. I hope the translation will come soon. Thanks for the info to MO.G

October 21st 2008, by Babs

Anastacia in Spain
Yesterday evening Anastacia was guest at the spanish TV show "Dancing with the Stars". A video of this performance you can find here. Thanks to Àngel! A HQ download you can find at Anastacia-Portugal, thanks to Paolo!
Source: Anastacia.nu + Anastacia-Portugal

New Blogs
Anastacia has posted new Blogs on MySpace and Bebo. So go there and read where she is traveling around!

October 22nd 2008, by Babs

Fan questions in "The Sun"
The british newspaper "The Sun" did an interview with questions from fans. You can read more on AnastaciaDreams! Thanks to Callum

October 24th 2008, by Andrea

"Nur die Liebe zählt"
On Friday we’ve been to Cologne at the Sat1-program "Nur die Liebe zählt".
Some were wondering about what we wanted there but as they got information about the show act they understood : Anastacia!
So we left on Friday at 8 a.m. after we brought Jana to the kindergarten with case and car seat because a good friend took care of her.
The traffic was kept within limits and because of no traffic jam we arrived in Cologne at 12:15 p.m.. Then we bought a snack for lunch and looked for the studio.
In spite of that early time a big group of Anastacia fans had already flocked together at the parking lot, tickets were available not before 15:45 p.m..
So there we met the Italians, that I already knew from Munich, people from Holland, Germans from the North and of course our Austrian members with Babs. We said hello to everybody and then checked for the situation.
There was an entrance at the back where the stars drove directly in front of the hall. But we couldn’t reach this entrance because of a few site of works and decided to bypass the halls with 8 crowded cars. Babs led the convoy, behind her two Dutch cars, the Italians and then Germany with 4 cars. We were like 40 fans and to be waiting together in such a convoy and the community was very fascinating.
Unfortunately there was no parking lot at the back side and that is why we placed our cars in front of the new IKEA-gate way, that was still constructed and of course forbidden to park there. As a passant asked Babs what we wanted there and if we would be IKEA-tourists, she just answered that we were already waiting for the opening offers. Andreas who did not really want to wait that long and preferred to surf a while with his phone, said he would keep a watch on the whole situation. Everyone was grateful for that and so we made our way to the side entrance. There our group grew so that we were like 50 fans at the end, that constituted ¼ of the audience later on. Unfortunately Anastacia was a little late and so we went back a little disappointed at about 15:30 p.m., but very excited about the show.
At 15:45 p.m. we should get the tickets, that is why we joined the end of the queue and waited, waited and waited. After 1,5 hours everyone finally had the ticket, not side by side but a few red spots were identifiable.
We were brought into the studio then, it was a lot smaller than I had expected. On TV everything just seems to be bigger.
And then the warm upper came in real fast who explains where and when we had to clap, that we should not shout “ooooouuuuhhhh” if a couple does not get together again.
The highlight for us Redshirts was as the poor Sonja was fetched onto the stage to play a guest. She sat down at the sofa and he asked her: "So why are you here today?". Sonja a bit sheepish: "To see Kai Pflaume?????" and he: "Yea, right!! That’s why you are wearing a Kai-Pflaume-Fanclub-Tshirt!!!". We shaked with laughter. But Sonja got our whole support as she answered the question why she would be a member of the Austrian Fanclub and living in Bremen, that this would be the only Official Fanclub.
After that Kai Pflaume came in. He tried to tie up the great atmosphere and did a few jokes about the Dutch people without knowing how much have actually been into the studio that day. It was funny anyway. And then the show began with a video. While that I looked a bit through behind my row of seats and could really see Wayne and Anastacia standing there.
The instruments of the band were build up during the video and then Kai presented her with "I can feel you".
We stood up and the whole audience clapped with us. Anastacia had fun obviously and looked into the audience, searching for known faces. She waved to the people again and again. After the song Kai brought her a little bunch of flowers and thanked her while promoting her new album. Then she said: "Oh, look at all my fans being up there!" and waved to all sides. Kai had another present for Anastacia as well. He gave her a photo of him and her from the first show act in Germany 8 years ago.
The two eyed up the photo and Ana was like: "Yea, I changed a lot and you still look handsome!". Their views again rambled the audience lines and she spotted our Dutch friends at the right. Kai asked for it because he realized that this were no Germans only now.
So also Sabry and Fede from Italy could call attention to them and Mr Pflaume recognized that this show would be a international one. He explained to the girls that this show would also exist in Italy. And right after that the Dutch people began to sing the fan song "We are Fanily" and Anastacia introduced herself as well. Kai tried to give her the microphone but she did not need it at that time. She seemed to enjoy all the fans being in the audience, thanked again and left the studio right away. We followed the rest of the show and I have to say that it was really exciting to be part of such a record. It is a lot different being in the studio than watching the show at home in front of the TV.
As the record started a little late we left the studio not before 8 p.m. and had to say goodbye to almost everyone then. Babs got a SMS that Anastacia would be at Saturn after her show but it was too late – you just cannot have everything you want.
So we said goodbye to the rest and headed for the expressway with Babs and the Italian girls. Unfortunately we lost the Italians because of our navigation device. The ones that remained decided to have dinner together and then we left them as well. It was a wonderful trip, full of Heavy Rotation and I was just soo glad to meet known faces and also new ones again.

October 25th 2008, by Tommy

Anastacia UK Promotion!
Anastacia now presented also her british fans the new single 'I Can Feel You' last thursday on the 'Graham Norton Show' at BBC2. You can warch a video from her LIVE performance on YouTube. It also became public that Anastacia will hand over an award at the this years MTV European Music Awards in Liverpool. Credits: AnastaciaNetwork

Heavy Rotation is out now!
On Friday Anastacia visited a Saturn shop in Cologne to buy her new album. She bet with her mom that she won't get it. Pictures from her success you can see by click here. Since yesterday you can buy your own copy too and if you purchase through ITunes you even get a brand-new bonus track called 'Naughty' and an interview with it!

Anastacia in Cologne!
For the recording of the show 'Nur Die Liebe Zählt' (Sunday, 19:05, Sat1) Anastacia was yesterday in Cologne, Germany. By that she also gave an interview to the ZDF which was broadcasted yesterday on Leute Heute. Stay tuned for a download and more information coming soon!

28. Oktober 2008, by Babs

Update at Anastacia.com!
Slowly but now at Anastacia.com there is something changed. The is updated and there are new contents.

New Blogs
Anastacia has posted new Blogs on MySpace and Bebo again. She was sitting in the car while writing.

New Interviews
Anastacia-Dreams has some new interviews and videolinks from the last TV appearances of Anastacia. Callum has also postet a summary of download charts.

World Music Awards
Anastacia will be a guest at the World Music Awards at November 9th in Monaco!

New Download
We uploaded the clip of the ZDF show Leute Heute from October 24th in our download area.

29. Oktober 2008, by Babs

New Downloads!
In our download area there is now also the video of "Nur die Liebe zählt". I will overwork the downloads in the next few days so check it steady!

Neue Blogs
Anastacia has posted new Blogs on MySpace and Bebo again. And a little mishap happened to her:
Hello Everyone
It was a very long day yesterday - I arrived in Stockhom, Sweden at 4am. At the hotel, they brought me space heater to help warm up my room - unfortunately, when I plugged them in they blew the main fuse so I was left in the dark!! The hotel brought me up a flashlight and I was laughing at myself trying to brush my teeth with only the light from the flashlight!!!
I just finished singing at a wonderful Gala supporting Breast Cancer!!! I am at the airport getting ready to fly to Rome where I will be performing on the Lottery Show.
That's all for now...

October 30th 2008, by Babs


New Blogs
Anastacias Blogs on MySpace and Bebo seem to get the character of a diary. She is keeping us up to date about what she is doing at the moment and where she is staying. This time even with a photo!!!
Ciao Fan-ily!

Here is a picture of me on the balcony of the Exedra Hotel enjoying the beautiful view and weather before the crazy rain storm hit, flooding out the football match that was going on next to the Rai TV, Lottery/Corumba I was performing on... Click here to see the picture.
What a fabulous suite they put me in!!!! I felt like a super Diva... but as always, never staying long enough!!!
I'm back in London and heading in town to do a TV show called Loose Women... should be lots of fun!!!
Looking forward to performing at G-A-Y this Saturday night. More to come...
AnastaciaCiao Fan-ily!