September 2005

September 1st 2005, by Babs

New draw online!!!
At length you can win something again - a promo single of "Everything Burns". So take part!

September 4th 2005, by Babs

News of the weekend!!!
I wasn't there at the weekend so I'm gonna upload the news now. There's a rumor going around that Ana should give a concert in Milano on New Years Eve. I know about that for a little time and I asked Sony Italy, Clear Channel Italy and the Italian Fanclub about it by telephone. The concert isn´t confirmed, Sony and Clear Channel don't know anything. Sabry (of the Italian Fanclub) told me that there won't be a concert.

The "German Radio Award" went to MEL C, so we should make sure that Ana gets the TMF Award - so keep voting!

HTV2, a Croatian Channel, has got a new date for showing the concert in Pula on TV. It shall be shown at Anastacia's birthday - September 17th 2005 - at about 11:10 p.m.

The Greatest Hits Album seems to come out in November and there shall also be a Limited Edition of it. That Edition shall include a bonus dvd with all videos of Anastacia.

The new album of Eros Ramazotti "Calma Apparente" contains the duet of Ana and him and will come out October 25th 2005. The duet "I belong to you" will be the second single.

September 5th 2005, by Babs

"I belong to you" on air!!!
The duet between Anastacia and Eros Ramazotti, which was recorded in July, will be played on the Italian Radio channels at September 16th the first time.
Source: Anastacia-Uncensored

Most of you will probably have realized that "MTV - A Cut" wasn't on TV today. We've got another chance on September 7th at 5:30 p.m.! Let's see if MTV will manage it then or if they are just chaotic.

The news agency Reuters had an interview with Anastacia. She said that she wouldn't need the success in America - Europe is enough. You can find the whole interview right HERE.

September 11th 2005, by Babs

Interview with the "Liverpool Daily Post"!!!
In that interview Anastacia talked about her plans to come and her experiences during the tour. She said that it would be amazing what a tour can do for body and soul.
Ana confirmed that the Greatest Hits Album will come out in November but before that the first single of that album, "Pieces of a Dream", will be buyable at October 31st. There will be 4 new songs on the Greatest Hits Album, among other things the two duets with Ben Moody and Eros Ramazotti. The other two songs are absolutely new. The promotion for the album will last until the beginning of year 2006 and then Ana will have a break what she definitely needs. She'll use that time for doing little things she wants to do, that have nothing to do with music. We have to wait for the new album because Anastacia said that it won't come out before 2007, maybe 2008. You can read the article right here.

There seem to come out three versions of the Greatest Hits Album. One "normal", one "limited edition" and one "special edition". Let's see what that will be.

September 12th 2005, by Babs

In your eyes!!!
In an interview with the "Daily Express" Ana said that the second single of the Greatest Hits Album will be called "In your eyes".

The album will be called like the first single, "Pieces of a dream"! This single will be played at September 23rd on Radio Hamburg the first time and it will be buyable by October 31st. The album will come out on November 7th, but you have to reckon with a little delay.
A German Radio and TV-Station is searching for the best Singer ever, so vote for Anastacia.

September 13th 2005, by Babs

New message of Anastacia!!!
Anastacia left a message at the official fanclub after a long time. She's at home with Freak and she misses her Fanily, she thanked for the support during the tour and the memories. Ana, her mom and her friends are just looking at all the books and photos. They all love the presents.
After the tourstress and the filled schedule Ana canceled the promotion tour in the USA. Anyway she's feeling good and she's very happy. She's very proud of her perfume and her collection that will come out soon. At this time Anastacia works on the new songs, which will be part of the Greatest Hits Album.

September 14th 2005, by Babs

The cover of the Greatest Hits Album!!!
It's time now...The cover of the new CD is already on its way through the internet. I would say that it doesn't look bad.

Then there's an interview of "The Sun" regarding the wedding of Elton John, that will happen in December.
SEXY pop star Anastacia has revealed how she'd like to be the "frickin' orchid-throwing flower bitch" at Elton John's wedding.
Elton is planning to marry his partner David Furnish in December and good pal Ana can't wait.
She told Hot Stars: "I wanna be his frickin' orchid-throwing flower bitch!
"I'd hold his train. I'd hold both their trains because you know those bitches will be wearing trains.
"I would make a fool of myself for El, he's such a lovely, lovely man and I'm so grateful to know him."
Anastacia also revealed she is slightly jealous of Elton's other good female friend Victoria Beckham.
The singer said: "Victoria and David came to one of my concerts right after she gave birth and I wanted to smack her down because she looked so f***ing good. I was like 'I hate you'."
Source: The Sun

September 17th 2005, by Babs

Happy Birthday Anastacia!!!!
We hope you´ll find time to celebrate "your" day and enjoy it. You are always in our hearts and we will always love and support you.
Best wishes and a big kiss,
Your Austrian Fanclub

September 18th 2005, by Babs

New Link!!!
After I found out how many gifted members we have, I created an own page for our fanart under FANCLUB. You can already gaze at a few drawings. If you like to draw or to work on pictures with the computer, please send me yours and I'll set them online.
So, hurry up, take your pencils, brushes or your Computer and send it to me!

September 23rd 2005, by Babs

New wallpapers!!!
I've had a bit of time and created some new wallpapers which fit to "Pieces of a Dream". Have fun while downloading.
I suppose that the most of you heard the new song, it's as we expected a gorgeous one!!!!

September 24th 2005, by Babs

Winner of the promo CD!!!
The promo-single of "Everything burns" goes to Sandra Raab from Nürnberg. And now the next draw is online - you can win the single of "Everything Burns"!!!

News for the "Greatest Hits"
The bonus DVD which will be included in the album, seems to contain:
"One Day In Your Life", "Not That Kind", "Freak Of Nature" live from the Live at Last-Tour 2004.
Source: Anastacia-Uncensored

Anastacia gave an interview by phone to the britisch radiostation CapitalFM. She was at home and cooking for a few friends. She told that the video to "Pieces Of A Dream" was shot last weekend and that when she was writing the song she has gone through an interesting experience in her life. You can download the full interview at Anastacia-Fairytayles.

September 26th 2005, by Babs

News of "Pieces of a dream" from Sony UK!
Anastacia wrote and recorded "Pieces of a dream" together with grammy winner Glen Ballard and David Hodges (Evanescence) in Los Angeles. The song is another example for her powerful voice.
In GB the single will come out on November 14th, in Germany on October 21st because new publications are already obtainable on Friday.
So we have to be patient until October 24th. The Greatest-Hits-Album will follow on November 7th.
Source: Sony UK

Ö3 made it!!!
They made it! Ö3 played the single premiere of "Pieces of a dream" today. That means that we can listen to Ana more often now.

September 28th 2005, by Babs

Tracklist of "Pieces of a dream"!
CDWow published the Tracklist of the Greatest Hits, there will be all the Singles and the 4 new Songs on it. Also you can see what the Bonus-DVD will be including.

Anastacia was guest at the grand opening of a nightclub called TAO in Las Vegas four days ago. You can see two photos on Anastacia-Online.
Source: Anastacia-Online

September 29th 2005, by Babs

Pieces of a Dream - new single and new album
Not even the hardest optimist could have presage to the talented Chicago singer Anastacia Lyn Newkirk that she would have such a career on the occasion of the publication of her hitsingle "I'm outta love". Till now the three albums of the 32-years old singer were sold over 20 million times worldwide. "Not that kind" (2000), "Freak of Nature" (2001) and "Anastacia" (2004) found more than 2,5 million buyer just in Germany. "Anastacia" was the most sold album in Germany last year.
When you also count her youngest hit "Everyhing burns" as "Featured Artist" of the Ex-Evanescence-guitarist Ben Moody, Anastacia arises to 13 single publications - five of them could place themselves in the top ten in these parts.
Unbelievable : in spite of a dead sure number-one-candidate like "One Day In Your Life" and "Left Ouside Alone" Anastacia never got the jump to the top of the Media Control Single Charts - in contrast to the album hitlists. Both "Freak Of Nature" and "Anastacia" attained the top of the Media Control Longplay Charts and held themselves in the top ten for a period of six months each. Anastacia also has got a numer-one-subscription in the radio : at the first go five of her songs went to the top of the German Airplay Charts.
The Echo Award Winner has got best chances to land her first number-one-hit in the German Charts with her new single "Pieces Of A Dream". This song is the title of the on November 4th appearing Anastacia-Best-of-Album. The album contains twelve hit singles, the Ben Moody-Collabo and three new songs. There's not only "Pieces of a Dream" - you can also look forward to the duet with the Italian superstar Eros Ramazotti with the title "I Belong To You", which was recorded past July in Milano. In addition the Greatest-Hits-Album contains the brandnew song "In Your Eyes".

As you can see there's a different date, it would be earlier than expected. But we'll see - normally the publications will be deferred backward.

September 30th 2005, by Babs

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