January 2005

January 4th 2005, by Babs

The homepage is online!
I wanna thank Olaf who supported me... I have no concept of webpages, I have to learn all that. And when I blunde I can turn to him for advice.

January 8th 2005, by Babs

The membertopic is online!!!
Our Otschi made it - thanks for doing that! So we can start. Now the fans only need to announce... let's see...

January 9th 2005, by Babs

As the contact to Sony Austria arose before the club-founding , I got promotion material in December. So we can start with the lotteries. Thanks to Cathrin for supporting me!!!

January 23rd 2005, by Babs

The winner of the first lotterie is definite!!!
The "Welcome to my truth"-Maxi-CD's goes to Tatjana from Hamburg & Dagmar from Wattens/Tyrol

January 28th 2005, by Babs

Finally we got our fanclub-shirts!!!
Every fanclub needs his own shirt - of course! So I sat down and created one. I had a fancy and now the shirts of the AFCA are there! I wanna thank Mario for the great printing.

January 30th 2005, by Babs

The Winners of the "Sick and tired"-Maxi-CD's are called Tanja from Michelndorf and Christian from Münzkirchen.

January 31st 2005, by Babs

Number of Members : 10