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By sending us your information, you apply for a membership at the Official Anastacia Fanclub. You will receive an e-mail with the account details and the next steps. After you have payed the annual subscription of € 15,- , your account will be activated and you have access to the Downloadsection, you can participate on the monthly raffles, you will receive the Fanlclub-Newsletter and you enjoy all the members discounts in our online shop!

Why to pay for your membership?
To fulfill our idea of a fanclub, there occur inevitably charges, like through shipping the prize of our monthly raffles, the internetdomain plus webspace for the homepage as well as routine taxes. However the Official Anastacia Fanclub was founded with the aim and intention to support Anastacia in her fight against breasr cancer, because of that all excessively income will directly go to the Anastacia Fund!

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